Modern Day Titanic

nespoli-moon-overhead.jpgWhat busy lives we lead. Wake up in the morning for another day at work; routine pretty much the same. Days, weeks, and months fly by. Can you believe it is already 2013? What you are reading is already hours, days, and weeks old.

Mankind is riding in a conscious time machine called the Titanic. We are speeding along while we admire ourselves and advance the human race. Industrial revolution, space travel, modern medical miracles, what could be better.  With a life span of 80-90 years some struggle while others are comfortable with the day to day existence, all in a conscious moment.  But who is the captain of this ship? Who is watching our course and alerting us of danger? That captain is asleep and it may be too late to wake him. Our ship has been speeding along for millions of years much on autopilot. Humans may sink it after 200,000 years.

Approximately 3 billion years ago, life was created.  200,000 years ago, humans appeared.  A major event occurred about 12,000 years ago, the end of the ice age. Civilization began and flourished.  Another human milestone was 300 years ago when the industrial revolution began. Mankind’s technology accelerated at great speed with the captain’s order, “full speed ahead”.

The earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago in which a ozone layer was created in the atmosphere.  This layer protected life to make it possible for mankind’s creation.  As more countries began to use machines and technology CFC’s and hydrocarbons began to destroy the ozone layer. Yes our scientists alerted us of the danger. Politicians asked for more studies. It is ironic that man through intellectual development has created technology that could be catastrophic to our planet.  Not the first time. However, is this part of the evolution cycle?

Human’s intellect must overcome our primitive conscious desires; a captain must emerge in this every day ocean of existence. People, governments, science and technology must be understood and its limitations acknowledged.  It is important we realize evolution is a process over millions of years not to be destroyed in 300 years.  The destruction of the ozone is an iceberg and no one sees it on the Titanic. Alarms are going off but being ignored. We are comfortable with our everyday existence but asleep at the bridge.

Humans sit at the top of the food chain but through misguided beliefs, arrogance, and lack of understanding of science and technology, risks destruction of the human experience.  So how do we snap out of our conscious malaise? Is human evolution at a dead end?

We have the knowledge but not the will. Someone wake up the captain!

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