Rational Thinking

Mike Pic AwayThe world today is showing greater polarization of views. However if you decompose today’s news there is clear evidence that the human race is redefining its legacy. The liberation from the dogma imposed over thousands of years by a set of political, social, or religious beliefs is clearly defined as a human marker.

Many have seen there is evidence man can make decisions and show emergence by rational or critical thinking. Rational thinking is clear and sensible thinking based on reason, logic and evidence as opposed to being governed.

The acrimonious conflict in human history has always centered on lack of free choice of mind. Those victims who craved for evidence and discovery were discriminated by preformed opinion, insufficient knowledge and irrational emotions. Ingredient’s of an intoxicating potion.

Millions of years of development are producing minds that are clear and sensible unimpaired by this brew. This is called rational thinking. Newton and Einstein demonstrated rational thinking that forever changed mankind. Those who had unfounded dislike of Newton’s theories were handicapped by the drunken dogma. Those that expanded the theories changed the world. Only a few have taken the antidote.

So today, it is not surprising this dogma remains strong as demonstrated by the reemergence of political stalemate and man’s continued struggle for personal freedom of thought. We unite in our disillusion of the political process only to stagger away after taking another drink. For that one moment of clarity, it could be game changer. It is not to be. We accept the traditional socially imposed constraints and prejudice of our thinking, the irony, we then turn around and criticize those with the same affliction.

However we cannot escape from our fate. Nature will not allow our short existence to define the future. As the world becomes one, mixing ideologies will have a low percentage of reality measured by probability and outcome unless we embrace rational thought. Man’s continued maturity in critical thinking will develop greater perception of his truths as opposed to being governed solely by historical contracts.

We are accelerating down the human timeline and we should remove the barriers not as a destruction of ones beliefs but as liberation to see what could be, rather what has always been.  Yes liberation has begun. Don’t be afraid of searching for truth by challenging historical thinking even if you drank the potion.

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