Secular Movement driven by bad role models

Why has the Secular movement increased in popularity and visibility in the past few years? One might attribute it to the vocal and successful writers who have broken from silence and are now expressing outrage of the perceived miss guided doctrines.

One could surmise that the Secular movement is the normal social and humanistic change occurring as the world views the historical and current affairs of belief systems.

However, this consideration must have it’s roots in more basic understanding. Could it be that the new generation sees a world based on ideology, greed, wealth, and dishonesty as one that should be abandoned or replaced. This new generation has a greater insight then we give credit.

Social decline in the family is at an all time high in western society.  The role models of today in both family, friends, and religious circles have lost their true meaning for the next generation.

Role models appear to provide a normal oral foundation to the new generation but lack the “do what you say.” A role model cannot say one thing and act another. Telling your children or friends to stop behaving badly while you behave badly does not glow true. Giving up on relationships and then lecturing others on theirs does not gather much truth. Providing a foundation by lecture and historical doctrine should be replaced by ones action. Who are the role models?  Do you act as you preach?

Open up any global newspapers and the headlines are the same. It dominates the conscious of humankind.  Some say it is religious radicals, others say it is desperation expressed in death and destruction of human life. The moderate role models sit on the side line expressing disbelief. The carnage continues and the misguided beliefs grow stronger for some and disgust others.

The new generation continues to search for those that will lead humanity to a path of acceptance and truth. Since there is no clear path, young people are shedding the state of religious fever. The result is the increase in Secular momentum. Even the Pope finally recognizes the change in young peoples attitude and the momentum that is occurring. Less dogma and more doing. Accept people for who they are. People are looking for a new order not of blind belief but of sound judgement of choice.

This realization is not from oral dissertations or moral brainwashing but in the observation of behavior in those that young people look up too. If you don’t present the world as it is with all of its imperfections then young people will know you are lying.  Yes, we are all imperfect, but guess what, young people can tell the difference in truth, lies, and myth. However, they will find their way and lead humanity to a better tomorrow, dispite the lost role models.

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