The Art of Parenting

Cece & NicoleContemplating kids and becoming a parent? What is the secret antidote when they arrive. From complete dependence to yearning for life, children create a special sense of surprise. Whether sharing tenderness, love, sorrow, or pride the spirt of knowing the bond cannot be denied.  We feel a suspicion and anticipation of the faculty and artistry of their mind. Yes they will be great or at least gifted we pledge.  Of course the debate on the means of practice to proficiency in parenting is deliberated. Logic seems to be the best orientation but then attitude can be the best prescription. To think that fathers and mothers have the insight of the task of parenthood is like riding Space Mountain at Disney World. Hold on to your seat, even if it is your fourth time. I have never experienced such tortuous revelation of realism during 25 years of being a father. But what a ride and would not miss it for the world!

So the truth, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” should be your wisdom to the mastery of parenthood. Certainly formulating your ideas to serve as examples of thought may be intuitive, however, all children should have all hypothesis presented. Do not be afraid. Their minds maybe an empty canvas, however the painting has already been painted. It is the time to fill in the colors representing the beauty of your influence. Children are not you. They are someone who are and will become. Do not leave out colors that may bring out the potential of their visualization of life. Let their shades and tones make them someone, even if you are tortured by Picasso. Follow your instincts for their protection but allow color-chrome  for liberation. They really will surprise you. Trust the method.

Parenthood is a long journey but intersects moments as a passing breeze. Randomness as we execute plans can only provide direction. Bring all your senses to bear to forge those memory’s for later. When children are gone, pictures are hung, movies are played, or brief phone call, reminds you that your job is done. Your painting is complete and secured in the consciousness to be extracted through the heart.

You miss them, but pride of what they have become with little obstruction is the best of life. They are unique and not you, but even better. Well done artist!

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