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Richness of Random

Sky view of Milky WayYes, your brain control’s your experience.  Your mind has little chance of possession when a trillion neurons provide the experience. Those subconscious alerts for tasks at hand, is the authentic regulator of your actions.

These actions will determine the quality and richness of your day. Sitting in the safe zone surrounded by familiar walls and citizens, your conscious experience provides a tranquil environment but limited in its sequel. Thoughts move through a maze at lighting speed, some to the forefront of our existence.

Evolution and our brains drive for the stress free choices isolating us from the rich experiences of new surroundings and yes, interaction with our fellow humans. Living in the suburbs or acreage compounds, framing our daily-regulated routine does not populate the waiting canvas for later reflection.

Friend’s call or our mind alerts us to our sanitized routine complaining of monotony. The trillion neurons kick in to determine the labor and risks. Depending on memory and past occurrences the control center has already surfaced with “no” and sometimes “yes” before it is brought to the committee. Don’t be a “scarty cat”. Random life is rich with decision pressures and undetermined outcomes. Never a dull moment.

Maybe in that moment we override the transitory thought to reconsider. Which friend? What gathering? How far? Most important is the attribute of outcome.

If we were to dare to override the initial decision, there is no probability of outcome of quality. However, the probability of a rich experience is increased when you leave the bubble.

Life is random , determined by the cooperative trillion neurons in our heads. Each experience is vacillating based on random decisions. When we have a collective experience, these can define memories that we share.  As they begin to fade we add color and change details duping us not knowing that it really did not happen that way. This is the nature of the mind.

Your subconscious is protecting your decisions based on million years of evolution. Interaction with humans is limited and sitting on the couch with your potato chips is “safe”. Of course you could argue that 200 channels of cable is rich in content. It is not germane because it is not experience; it is the past captured with predictable out comes.

Richness of random hypothesis is true based on the example of our last minute decision to go “down town”. Even though the decision was made, preparation dominates our mind hoping to increase likelihood.  The subconscious is working with memory to evaluate the probability of consequence to create the memory. Lush or grey you increased the probability of experience of your random existence.

It is better to surround yourself with trillions of neurons that increase those random interactions then to let you subconscious trick your animation. As probabilities would show and experience has proven, the return to the bubble with a smile and memory “wow that was fun” was just random. However you accomplished two, increased your probability of random richness and break the cycle of routine existence. Your mind will thank you later. It’s called happiness.